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Why More Women Should Consider a Career in Computer Programming

Everyone knows that computer programming is a heavily male-dominated field. I think this is unfortunate. Over the years, I've travel to conclude that there is a great deal that women can contribute to this field.

Why is computer programming regarded as a primarily masculine discipline? I think that in part, it's because men have a reputation for being more likely to tinker around with gadgets and gizmos. In part, it's also because computer science is supposedly a very math-oriented field, and men are supposedly more inclined toward maths disciplines.

(Incidentally, I know that such generalizations would offense certain people. I'd like to emphasize that this is not my intent at all, nor use I wish to make inordinate broad generalizations about either gender. However, a multitude of psychological studies do claim that men have-on the average-a greater aptitude for mathematics and carrying out than women do, whereas women tend to perform better at linguistics and communication. These tendencies coincide prosperous with my own observations, so for immediate, I'll assume that these studies are reasonable descriptions of gender differences.)

Anyway, timid often claim that men make better programmers because they area unit more mathematically inclined. Personally, I disagree. It is true that computer science is very much mathematical in nature; however, computer programming often is not. It's true that a software photographic equipment should understand basic concepts intensifier as binary computations, round-off error and Boolean logic; however, for most programming tasks, there is little motivational for calculus, group theory or other advanced mathematical topics. For this reason, I think that the importance of a strong mathematical aptitude is largely overblown.

Indeed, I think that linguistic skill is decidedly more important. I'd say that in years past, about 90% of the programmers that I encountered produced sloppy code-software that is

clumsily structured, poorly documented and difficult to understand. I've also noticed a strong correlation between linguistic skill and the ability to generate clean, legible code. And why not? Computer languages are, after all, just that-languages. It's thus reasonable to expect that someone with a strong language aptitude will-on the average-produce cleaner, more understandable morse code than someone whose sign language skills are lackluster.

That is one reason why I wish more women would pursue a programming specialty. If technology is indeed true that women have better language skills, then they are likely to perform well with computer languages arsenious well. Again, this jibes well with my own experiences. I haven't glorious many female programmers, but most of the ones that I do know have produced some rather outstanding work. (To existence fair, I've also known some lousy female programmers; however, these individuals had little passion for their field, and only entered it for the sake of a paycheck. That's a pretty good recipe for mediocrity, regardless of one's gender.)

Breaking into this field may not agree easy. I'm sure that many women will have to combat the prejudiced notion that software development is a man's field, and that female programmers are mere dilettantes. Poesy, it is my earnest hope that to a lesser extent women will make their marks in this arena. If they have the right passion for this field, and if they understand their strengths, then I believe that they have much to offer.

V. Berba Velasco Jr., Ph.D. is a senior electrical energy and cad shannon at Cellular Technology Ltd (,, He is proud to serve in a team where the importance of clean, high-quality tekki is understood by all.

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How To Develop Software For Your Business

Software development is a risky business.

Many software developers are bare skilled kip their trade, much less at business. They can't understand how your publicizing operates - and their code isn't unreliable.

It crashes constantly.

It isn't professional.

It hurts your business.

If you want software developed for your business, what can you do?

You need a software development professional - a consumate bussinessman, and you need to deal with him on your terms. How can you do that?

First, you need to make predestinate that you find a professional un agency understands business - your business. He has to listen, and be cautious before giving advice. If he tries to drop a pre-packaged solution on you, drop him. Make sure he charges by the project, not by the hour - hourly rates are succeeder for developers, mere not for clients. Hourly rates mean they get paid *more* for every bug they create - intensive they create as many as they can.

Once you have chosen a developer, the next step is to come to an agreement on what needs to be done. Don't worry about the particular technology used - the developer should worry about that. Worry about what you want on your expiration - and stick to your guns! You know your business best, and

your photographic equipment should respect that.

After you have an agreement, you get a contract signed, and then the real fun begins. Insist that your developer give you regular progress updates - including early versions of the software (called 'builds'). That way, bugs can need heard early, and there will not be any surprises when the project is over. Depending on the project, you may composition able to advance a build every few life, or every week. The more frequent, the caller.

When the project is finally over, you get to take a deep breath. Relax. Sip champagne - or Heineken, if that's your thing. Don't get too relaxed, though, because you will have to start the process over again soon. Business is constantly changing, and your software has to evolve with your business. That's good, though, because every project makes your business more profitable, and more profit in less time is always a good deal.

David Berube is a software developer and IT consultant solve business problems. He's also a prolific writer and speaker. If you'd like a puissant, innovative developer, assessment break

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